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St.Valentine of Terni was martyred in 269 C.In accordances with the legend, the Ancient Rome physician and priest was beaten, stoned, and beheaded for the offenses of Christian couples. E.There is disagreement among historians about if the vacation was supposed to replace the pagan fertility festival Lupercalia. In any case, as time went on, more intimate connotations have been correlated with the saint. One legend has Valentine befriending the blind daughter of a judge.He allegedly wrote her secret letters signed in the Valentine and then restored the view from beyond the grave. Since the cult of courtly love distributes across Europe from the Middle Ages, a much more intimate light was cast upon mid-February.

Since the folkloristic Society notes, Geoffrey Chaucer cites Valentine's Day and clarifies Feb as now when each bird came there to chose his partner.Therefore, we know how Valentine's Day has been seen as the most intimate day of the year. Nevertheless, the truth is, we do not know much about St.Valentine himself. You will find eleven Valentines commemorated by your Catholic Church, and there have been two other St.Valentines who lived in the time of St.Valentine of Terni. Since his roots are so obscure, he was really removed from your General Ancient Rome Calendar by the Ancient Rome Catholic Church in 1969.

Thus, do not feel bad if you have a crummy Valentine's Day. It won't be worse than being killed, confused with others, and kicked off your general liturgical calendar which is what really happened to the real St.Valentine.

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