Report: iPhone 9 will be equipped with batteries manufactured by LG

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Although Apple has not yet announced its next iPhone 8 this year, however, the rumors about the next phone fall next year iPhone 9 has already begun to appear in recent weeks, because all eyes are directed to Apple's leading field to monitor the company's most accurate movements and future plans .

A new report from The Korea Economic Daily shows that the iPhone 9 phones will include exclusive LG batteries for South Korea, where Apple has signed an agreement with Apple to invest heavily in a new model and design of batteries expected to be exclusively dedicated to the American Apple Solutions In 2018.

The report said that the upcoming batteries will be designed L-shaped large space, was chosen to L-G to do the manufacturing because of the investment and inventions in advance of this type of batteries, which expects the company to solve the high efficiency of the battery problem in iPhone phones.

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