How prostate massage at home

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How prostate massage at home

With a total of antibiotic treatment, the hospital has performed massage Albroostadta.aly For example, when the fingers massage the prostate and vesicles Alnh.hzh treatments, chronic prostatitis, are included in the treatment plan, even if one analysis of prostate secretion of OK transformation. Prostate current underlying , occurs in 30% of Alomrad.bed writers claim that massage the prostate - antifiziologichen. However, these views - which are completely unfounded and this publication is the study of how to do prostate massage in Almenzl.oicol most scientists that the finger hold and chronic diseases massage non-specific, suitable Jadda.tdlak

Prostate at home:

Massage is not necessary to be implemented in the emptying the end of the massage, the patient must urinate, and thus facilitate the withdrawal of the contents of the seminal vesicles and prostate gland in Aljsm.otaba urinary tract antiseptics recommends managed (furatsilin, potassium permanganate and the like) in the bladder - this will help to the completion of the massage cleanse the urethra, and not just wash it.

Massage seminal vesicles

In manual massage of the prostate and seminal vesicles, and the most comfortable position is MOQ
P Bjsman.ihtaj patient to relax a little or natuzhitsya when I entered a finger into the slot Acharj.oola We need to feel the prostate through the annular movements in the form of eight located in a browser, then the finger left and right Jesse higher vesicles Alnh.ama there were bubbles of recession or they expanded , you must massage starts from the seminal vesicles, so it: spend a helical movement of the neck to the tip and the movement of the helical faster to Osfiel.oola, you need to perform the movement with a minimum of effort, and 3-6, should not be allowed for the movement of the effort, but severe pain. In conclusion, it is necessary to spend about three movements Mahdia.ajamali number of movements, and about 12 Mrh.bad that, you need to massage the seminal vesicle Althanih.bad're done, hold all of the bubbles massage half.

Prostate massage

Finger-minute movement from the periphery to the center, in the direction of the excretory canals and the outside perimeter of the shares with strokes longitudinal each Menhma.zaidh 3 movement - are held on the central axis of the total Albroostadta.madh massage takes about 1 minute, then - take a break and repeat 2 times Okther.mqubolh, holding massage and only one, a total of 2 Deghiqh.alqoh physical in this type of massage, roughly the same as in the massage of the seminal vesicles, which discussed Oalah.mahrat

Prostate massage
at home: vesicles, chronic prostatitis (complicated and uncomplicated), and the case of atopic skin of the seminal vesicles and prostate, fertility and weakness and disorder copulatory, accompanied by inflammatory processes in the genitals.

Contraindications: prostate, tuberculosis, and seminal vesicles severe acute and sub-prostate gland, the presence of stones and prostate tumors, fever and worsening of hemorrhoids gland, inflammation of the rectum and anal fissures.

Prostate spiral in the house:

To implement this type of massage you need: (500 ml) pear rubber, boiling water, petroleum jelly (liquid soap) and solutions enema colon.

The seminal vesicles and prostate gland water run, it is necessary before going to sleep 2 Saah.qublh, wash the external genitalia, perineum, anus, make anal Altther.bad 15 minutes a syringe, after bowel cleansing, to introduce in the rectum (with blower) 0.5 liters of a special solution ( potassium permanganate, 1: 10,000, furatsilin 1: 5000, chamomile broth). it should solution temperature temperature Algervh.omn be necessary that the volume of liquid so that it is no desire to Alnbarz.ama the desire is absent - to increase the volume of fluid injected and if it's very powerful - reduced.

The essence of prostate spiral is to fill the rectum with water (disinfectant) solution, there are the physical, chemical and thermal stimulation of receptors of Acharj.ontejh area, there is an increase in blood circulation hanging muscles of the pelvis, intestines, and seminal vesicles bottom, and increase the flow of secretions of the prostate.

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