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Now football is not only about playing and having fun, it’s a profession now which requires huge investments and produces huge revenues for the players and the partner shippers. Now the football clubs are not owned by former football players, they are now owned by rich people who hire good players and the players earn millions of dollars. They get high salary every month, and if they play extraordinary then they will get extra bonus, this though made the players more rich and made their lives settled but now the true aroma of football game has lost. It has solely become a source to earn money. This article will provide you brief but important details about the world’s richest football players in the world. It took a lot of effort to collect this data for you, but we will keep on updating it as changes will occur. Starting form their monthly wages to their contracts endorsement we have collected information.
List of top 10 football players who are rich enough:

(1) Cristiano Ronaldo
He is ranked at the top, no doubt he is the best player but he also earns almost bags of money. He plays for Real Madrid.
Annual earning of Cristiano Ronaldo: $80 Million or some times more.
This football star is the most prominent and is always in lime light on social media. His date of birth is 5th Feb 1985. The place where this legend was born was Portugal. His height is 1.85 m, and his playing posture is forward. The team for which he is playing currently is Real Madrid and he is at rank number 7 in the team.
Richest football club THE REAL MADRID has signed him and he is playing for him as mentioned earlier. He is a philanthropist by religion.
He is famous because of his free kicks ability. He has mated his talent and fitness even in age of 34yeras.
(2) Lionel Messi
He is no doubt the world’s most favorite player, and when he pays everyone has their eyes fixed on him. The full name of this Legend is Lionel Andres Messi. He was born in June 24th 1987, which makes him 28 years now. He was born in Rosario which a city in Argentinian. He has good height but as compared to other football players he is short 1.70 m. He also plays in forward posture. The team for which he is playing now is Barcelona. His annual earning is $64.5. He signed a contract with team Barcelona in year 2014 which made him the most earning player of the world. But still Ronaldo is even at the higher rank. He is Jew by religion.
(3) Zlatan Ibrahimovic
This player comes at rank 3, because his monthly income is comparatively less than the former two, He is playing for club PSG and they are paying him huge bulk of money. Almost he earns $40.4 million annually. His salary is 15million euro. This legend was born in October 3rd, 1981. He was born in Malmo, Sweden. His age is 33 years and he is fit for playing. The club named Paris-Saint Germaine also known as PSG has signed him and is paying a huge amount of money to keep him booked with them. Because such players can’t be found every day, he is extremely talented. His national team is Sweden. He is married to a beautiful girl named Helena Seger. He has a huge list of achievements among which few are mentioned below:
Golden Foot 2012.
FIFA Puskas Award 2013.
ESM team of the year. (4 times he won this award).
And many more.
(4) Gareth Bale
He is also the member of Real Madrid club with whom Ronaldo also play, they both are members of the same club. The annual earning of this legendary player is $36.4 million. He was born in July 16th, 1989. He is also blessed with a partner named Emma Rhys-Jones. He is not only a good player but also one of the most handsome one. He is ranked at number 11 in his team.
Bale struggled a lot to reach this peak and he has been maintaining it from many years. He is 28 years of age and has lot potential to grow. He is also Philanthropist and is working hard with other players to combat the deadly disease. He is a Christian by religion.
(5) Radamel Falcao
This player is earning almost $34.4 million every year. He signed a contract with Manchester United. In the league 1 he was the main super star and a back bone player. She signed contract with this club on the loan transfer basis. Gossip was herd that he left this club, but then it proved to be wrong. He was born in 1989, 10 February. His age is 30 now. He was born in Santa Manta Colombia. The posture with which he plays is striker. He is playing for Chelsea now days and is ranked at number 9 in team. He has this football playing talent in his blood as he grew see his father playing football and was a very successful player. First he started his carrier as a basketball player at Venezuela but then he felt that he was better at football and though he proved it. Following is the lists of clubs he joined during are carrier:
* River Plate
* Porto.
* Atletico Madrid
* Monaco
* Manchester United
* Chelsea
His youth carrier started from 1999-2001 and 2001-2005.
(6) Neymar JR
He is from club named Barcelona, which is a rich club and pays a good amount of money to their members. His per anum earning is $33.4million. He is playing for Spanish team. In the LaLiga he is the 4th most highly played after Messy, Ronaldo and Bale. But he comes at rank 6th because of his perineum income. He is considered the top footballer in Brazil. His date of birth is Feb. 5. 1992 and he is of age 24. He was born in Brazil. His playing posture is forward and winger. He is a Jew by nature. He is father of a baby boy, and he got this honor when he was just of age 19. Carolina Danats is his mother but now they both are not in relationship. In his life you can see a very close relation of brother and a sister as they have each others tattoos on their body. He has been promoting POP music of Brazil.
(7) Wayne Rooney
He is a rezoned player and is earning annually $25 million. He is playing for Manchester United club. He is one of the most earning players of Britain. He was born on October 5, 1985 so now he is 32 years of age. He was born in United Kingdom in city Croxteth. His national team is England. His posture for playing is forward. Rooney is also the supporter of Celtic. He also supports the rugby club and shares his interest there as well. He is a multi-talented player because instead of playing football he is also boxer and it is said that he use to play boxing when stressed out. Recently he had hair transplant, and has number of tattoos on his arm.
(8)Sergio Aguero

His annual earning is $23.3 million. He is playing for club named Manchester City. He is one of the famous players because of his goal making capacity. He was born in 2nd of June 1988; he is aged 27 and is young smart player. He was born in Argentina in city Quilmes. His posture for playing is Striker. The current team for which he is playing is Manchester city; he is ranked number 10 in his team. He was married to giannian the youngest daughter of football legend. He is also father of a cute son. After four years of a perfect relationship the two spouses separated and got divorced. Following is the list of clubs he joined
* Independent
* Atletico Madrid
* Mancheser City
He started his successful carrier from 2006 to 2015 and is still counting on. He has been playing with youth team and senior team.
(9) Yaya Toure
He is a member of club Manchester City, and is earning $21.7 million per year. He is very hopeful to win the Africa Cup Of Nation In 2015. He was born on 13th of May 1983 and his age is 32 now. His playing position is Midfilder. He is a Christian by religion.
(10) Luis suarez and Fernando Torres
Both of these players on ranked 10th, they both are from different clubs and teams but their annual income is same.
* Luis Suarez
He got so much of fame in last season because he showed his best talent on the ground. After that many clubs offered him but he decided to join club Barcelona which pay him almost $21, 3 million per year. He was born in January 24th, 1987 an age is 29. He was born in Sulto in Urgentina. His playing posture is forward.
** Fernando Torre
He is from the club Atletico Madrid. And earns almost $21.3 million per year. He is improving day by day.

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