The 4 Truths You Must Know to Get Through Grief and Loss

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He'd been with us for only a year
so it was a surprise when he
became ill this summer. Seriously
ill. After several rounds of testing
- being poked, x-rayed and biopsied - he was
diagnosed with an immune system disorder.
His condition could be managed by medication
but only for a while, until the medication didn't
work anymore.
He could not be cured. We did our best to care
for him but the disease progressed in a matter
of weeks.
It's never easy to say goodbye to someone we
It's not fair.
It's too soon.
I don't want this to happen.
But thinking these thoughts didn't change that
it was happening, and as much as I wanted to
run away from it, I also wanted to help my
sweet cat.
The best way for me to help my cat was to be
there with him, and for him, from diagnosis to
Through this experience I learned four powerful
truths about navigating through the process of
saying goodbye:
1. Be present. In the now.
As my cat was getting sicker, it was so easy
for my thoughts to swing to the past - to

memories of the last days of previous pets -
and to the future - projecting what it might be
like as he gets worse. This was a recipe for
stress and anxiety.
Caught up in this emotional bind, I was missing
what was happening right now. By catching
myself when I was spinning in this past-future
anxiety, I could come back to the present
moment and see what was happening now: my
cat was sick, but he was still here with me.
He curled up next to

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