Putin: Russia does not seek to play the role of the leadership in Syria, our fight against terrorism

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Russian President "Vladimir Putin" reiterated that Russia does not seek to play the role of the leadership in Syria, but its goal of contributing to the fight against terrorism.

Putin renewed his assertion, during his participation in the investment forum "Russia", according to the channel "Russia today" newsletter on Tuesday not to Russia sought leadership in Syria in any way, but to contribute to the fight against terrorism which threatens the United States, Russia, European countries and the whole world.

The Russian President noted that all Russian operations in Syria carried out in strict observance of the United Nations Charter and international law, pointing out that this distinguishes Russian air campaign in Syria about raids by the us-led coalition, which operates in Syrian territory without the authorization of the UN Security Council, without the consent of Syrian authorities.

Putin, drew attention to the Russian side insistently continue efforts to consolidate international efforts to eliminate international terrorism.

And the Russian President that us-led coalition, which launched more than 500 strike on Syria's territory for more than a year, did not bring significant results.

Putin noted that the Washington-led coalition recently announced dumping loads of ammunition and gear from aircraft to support the "free army". Wondering where this free army?. and what's the guarantees that this ammunition will not fall back into the hands of terrorists "daash" as happened during the training of other forces to the Syrian opposition.

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