Avigador Lieberman calls for imposing martial law in occupied Jerusalem

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Avigador Lieberman ,"Yisrael Beiteinu" Party leader extreme right-wing ,called the imposition of martial law and the deployment of army troops in Palestinian areas within Jerusalem to suppress the Palestinian uprising there.

And, the Israeli daily Yediot, Tuesday, Lieberman called for the deployment of Israeli army troops in the Issawiya neighborhood and every town or neighborhood in East Jerusalem where the violence.

Replying to a question of Hebrew newspaper about published military forces even in the "triangle" and "Galilee" ,Lieberman replied, yes even in the triangle if the Israeli army must be deployed.

Alot of Israeli officials called to over close Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem after a series of transactions that took place today in Jerusalem, so the moment of martyrdom Palestinian and killing 3 Israelis and injuring some 20 settlers.

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