Popular Front for the liberation of Palestine Adopt Jerusalem operation and commends the doers

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The popular front for the liberation of Palestine, appeals process that occurred in the occupied city of "Jerusalem" and led to the killing of three Israelis and wounded more than 20 Israelis.

And commended the popular front for the liberation of Palestine, in a press release Tuesday, the balghbh by the Palestinian people throughout the nation, and the heroic operations carried out by young Palestinian rebel from different affiliations, this affirmation of the unity of the struggle and the struggle against the Israeli enemy.

In this context, they called the martyrs of Palestine, including "Baha Alyan" from Jebel Mukaber who attended one of the fighters today in a shooting at an Israeli bus in Jerusalem led to deaths and injuries inside the bus, and mourns Alaa Abu gamal resident of Jebel Mukaber who run process and stabbing led to deaths and injuries of settlers including an Israeli rabbi.

And the Palestinian resistance operations said continuously and won't be the last, and pledges for the masses of our people and the blood of our martyrs in continuing resistance until achieving our goals in the return and State and self-determination.

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