iraq vs emirates (uae) gulf cup final friday 18/1/2013 in bahrain time,result ,latest news

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the final of gulf cup 2013 will be between iraq and emirates (uae) the final game will held on friday 18 january alwattany stadium in bahrain

how iraq and emirates qualified to the final

iraq played four games three on the group stage and won them all over
saudi - kuwait - yemen
and beating bahrain in the semi final won

emirates played four matches too
three on the group stage over
bahrain - qatar - oman
in the semi final beating kuwait the ex champion 1-0

the game will start at
iraq and saudi time at 6.15 pm
dubai time at 7.15 pm

so its the game of gold and the glory who will win the gulf title iraq or emirates

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the first half has ended now
uae 1 - 0 iraq
omar abd arahman scores the goal
yunis mahmoud csores the draw goal for iraq now

uae 1 - 1 iraq
in the minute 107 ismail alhamady scores the win goal for emirates
the game have ended noa and the final result

uae 2 - 1 iraq

united arab of emirates the champion og the gulf cup 2013

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